• 14 days ago

    RE: My penis skin it peeling

    Hi Could be just some dry skin problem you having, get going with some coconut oil its great for lots of skin conditions and well known for the help it gives to skin problems.

    Anyway I don't your find an STI or STD that gives dry skin problems, but a jar of coconut oil costs about $10 and the will last you a whole years, you wont find cheaper help anywhere you look for skin help, you can use it for masturbating as a sexual lubricant, it fights both male and female yeast infections, on your hair and clear up your dry skin problem.


    PS watch out for CC he is just a salesman who will say just about anything for a sale, your warned.
  • RE: My penis skin it peeling

    The best thing to do is use a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil once a day. It will ensure that your penis is getting the vitamins and proteins it needs to stay strong and healthy... this will keep you clear of everything but the most extreme injuries. It is good stuff. Cheers.
      • 11 days ago
        See just like I said and up pops CC the salesman with his not so cheap snake, ask to show his list of success's from guys who have used his snake oil, and how much you get in a bottle that costs $ 40 said its not cheap.

      • 11 days ago
        What absolute twaddle! Your penis gets all the vitamins and proteins it needs from your diet. And you want us to believe that this stuff will "keep you clear of everything"? False advertising, mate. No magic substance can prevent STDs. Good Lord, are you saying this is a miracle barrier to HIV?

        No. Thought as much.