• Bulging vein in penis. Should I be worried?

    A couple of months ago I got a little too rigorous during masturbation. Let’s just say I had a hair band on my member. I won’t ever do it again. I had it on in different ways. I hope I didn’t mess up a vein. Like cut off circulation or something. I don’t think the vein was bulging then. It is now. I’m worrying about it. It couldn’t be anything bad like a blood clot could it? The vein is in the top side of the shaft. My penis hurts some, but that’s may be from the fact that I might have an infection. I’m going to the doctor to get it checked out, but am really worrying. I have a tendency to worry about health issues to excess and read about them on the internet. I’m worrying about this in excess right now.


  • 11 days ago

    RE: Bulging vein in penis. Should I be worried?

    Hi OK its your Dorsale vein and this does change as we get older but what you did was not much different from using a tension ring, guys use these to get stronger erections, but these do need to be released to let blood flow every 20 minutes and no longer.

    So how long was you using yours for? and just how long ago was this these pains could be from stretching your Corpora Cavernosa its like a sponge in it are holes, they fill with blood so you get an erection its these you could have stretched and the pains your getting, given time this should go away.

    Does that help you.

  • RE: Bulging vein in penis. Should I be worried?

    Use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. It contains Vitamin C which is awesome for vein health down there and also other nutrients that repair penis skin damage from masturbation. It works really well for stuff like this and is safe too. You can get it online. Hope this helps.
      • 10 days ago
        Yes Yes CC everyone has $ 4o to buy your snake oil/cream, the wonder cure for any and everything on a penis.

        Boy if this stuff is so good why do they have a salesman sitting around waiting for a penis problem to come along?