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    Erection problem

    I’m Diabetic and have most of the complications especially Erection problems I went to see my doctor he prescribed Viagra starting at 25mg that didn’t work so he put them up to 50mg that was ok but stopped working so he put them up to 100mg that was fantastic but after awhile I developed angina so could not have Viagra so I was sent to a consultant he suggested trying Caverject injections so I did but I didn’t like the pain that I had during the Erections so after them I asked if I could try the somerect vacuum pump that was great but now that don’t seem to work no more as soon as I get tension erection rings on to the base of my penis it just goes flaccid can anyone suggest anything


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Erection problem

    HI Perhaps you need a stronger ring? have a look at the osbon tension rings,
    I do know guys who use these but you can only use them for 20 minutes max, after that its an implant.

    Implants are very last resort go have a read on,
    www.franktalk.com its a site for info and a place to chat to guys who have them, but you will lose some length, and it does take some time for recovery, could be up to 6 months, some guys are very happy and others hate them.

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    RE: Erection problem

    Hi What is below I did put up on franktalk.org for a couple of guys so went off and found it, after I remembered it in the back of my mind.

    The most important information I got from the convention was a method which makes it possible to have inter course with a flaccid or semi erect penis.
    The following technique was described at the symposium: The man lies flat on his back, the women straddles him in a half kneeling position, leaning on her left knee, and on the right foot. This gives her room to manipulate with her right hand, She clamps the penis firmly but not to tightly at the base with her thumb and index finger (palm facing the mans body).This causes sufficient firmness to allow insertion. The women then sits firmly upon the penis. This approach permit she a wide range of movement and not only enables a considerable penetration but gives her the opportunity to rub her clitoris against her index finger.
    When the erection is complete she may remove her hand and let her partner begin the active coital movement.
    If for any reason this method doesn’t not, then the couple should try a special friction technique between a flaccid penis and the clitoris. The man lies flat on his back. The women lies on top of him in a prone superior position. She begins to embrace and kiss him passionately. Then she starts a belly dance movement to stimulate the penis. Later she assumes a position which enables her to rub her clitoris to the soft penis. By kissing her partner and the clitoris friction she will get aroused, which, in turn, will excite her partner. Then he may achieve a partial or full erection.
    In the former case she used the clamping technique, and in the latter case she may start coitus by inserting his penis.
    It appears that more and more men are losing their ability to have intercourse with a women without her active participation, there is very little a man can do to cure his own impotence and sympathetic woman can do it for him.

    What you have read above comes from a 1970 Forum magazine, its from a piece written by Dr Eugene Scheimann, when he went to a swingers convention in Chicago, and this was a small part on impotence/ED, its so us men could have some kind of sex lives before drugs come to the front to overcome ED.

    As you can see its a way of have sex with out a full or semi erection, you may have to try it a couple times before you get it right, but a guy on FT says it dose work for him and well.

    Do hope something here helps.