• 7 months ago

    Losing My Erection Mid-Sex

    I'm 31 and have a beautiful fiance yet, lately, when we start getting into it, I've been getting basically half erections and then half way through I lose it completely. It's causing strain on the relationship because she thinks she is not turning me on. Its absolutely not! I'm a little overweight but I feel like I'm still way too young to have Low T or ED. Anything I can do here?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Losing My Erection Mid-Sex

    Hi Time to see your doctor and first get a blood test done for your hormones, sorry lots of guys a lot younger than you suffer just the same, but a test is the starting point.

    But also look at your life style, things like fast and junk foods and any sodas you drink cut them out, are you stressed at work, a good sex killer, are you on any meds, how much do you exercise, do you watch porn, this can switch you brain off, you say you have put on some weight then now is the time to shift it.

    Ask you doctor when you see him for some Cialis 10 mg and just take half of a pill and see how that goes just as a pick me up, if you buy 5mg its the same price as 10 mg, see if that kicks things up for you, take it as your going out to see her, its ok you wont turn up with an erection, it acts when you do.

    Have you ever been on anti depression drugs, they can have some lasting effects, when it comes to erections.

    One last thing what was you doing when this first showed itself, as this may be what's behind your problem, was you having any hic-cups in your life?

  • 6 months ago

    RE: Losing My Erection Mid-Sex

    Who the hell told the advisor that watching porn causes half or no erections? That is bs advice, if watched in moderation, and not obsessively and masturbated to excessively, porn can actually enhance your love and sexual desire for your fiance'e. Do not take any of the prescription meds ( Cialis, Viagra) before eliminating lifestyle factors, the best thing to do would be to start lifting weights at least twice a week with two days gap in between. It makes guys randier and quicker so than any pills. The other person's advice about being on antidepressants and antihypertensives and their devastating effect on libido is valid, though. Good luck!
  • 6 months ago

    RE: Losing My Erection Mid-Sex

    These gents have great information! I knew a man who had low T at 25 years old.
    If you can, see a Urologist for the Low T blood test. They may send you to another facility for the blood test, then have you return at a certain date.
    THIS WAS KEY FOR ME for discovering I had Low T: I didn't notice until the doctor asked me—I had lost all interest in any of my hobbies; I couldn't remember the last time I was excited about something (non-sexual). I had very Low T.
    • I asked for and used Cialis and it worked wonderfully. Then as the other gents suggested, I cleaned up my diet, improved sleep habits, yoga and brought my body back in line with healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Getting the Cialis soon was key for me to have the confidence do go beyond sexuality and clean up my lifestyle.
    Good luck, friend.