• over 2 years ago

    Is it possible to induce a toenail to fall off?

    I had separate injuries to both of my big toenails when I was younger, and they both healed back then, but never properly. Additionally, they've both got fungal infections deep under the nailbed, and topical treatments have not worked. The nails are brittle, discolored, and grow at angles that often cause ingrown nails and separation from the nailbed in parts.

    I was reading an article about how distance runners often lose their toenails because of the tight shoes and pressure and such, and it got me thinking that if I could get my toenails to fall off, I could treat the fungus straight on the nailbed, then the nails might grow in straighter and "better."

    Is there a way to cause a nail to fall off on its own by putting tight pressure on it for a period of time or something similar? I don't want to just smash 'em with a hammer or pull 'em off with pliers, but I also don't want to take up long-distance running and/or wearing too-small shoes.

    The one on the left grows in 3 little sections (the vertical lines) that often come apart and it's quite painful when they do. The one on the right is like two sections that push together, so they raise up like a mountain.