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    Doctors reluctant to prescribe Testosterone (TRT)! 51M

    Over the past year I have suffered with chronic fatigue and gained over 40 lbs most of it in my stomach. I mentioned this to my primary care physician who ordered blood work to check vitamin d levels and testosterone. Vitamin D was very low and testosterone was at 210 (very low by my research. He directed me to an endocrinologist where I was assigned a 1st year PA. I could tell by our first conversation that he was anti TRT. He said my levels were not that low for my age and stressed causing prostate cancer and heart attack with TRT. All of his statements are not factual in my research. He ordered another testosterone test and all other hormones. The testosterone came in even lower at 166 and all other hormone levels were fine. He then had me get an MRI of the pituitary gland where nothing was found. He then promptly advised that I go on a diet and retest in 8 months totally ignoring the fact that my primary complaint was unexplained weight gain that is a symptom of low testosterone. I am currently waiting to talk to my primary care doctor and I'm totally frustrated. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been feeling bad for a long time and I'm so ready to feel better


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    RE: Doctors reluctant to prescribe Testosterone (TRT)! 51M

    Hi As your doctor wont help you, you could try DHEA and back it up with Tribulus, these two go down the same road in the way they work, but please do read up about DHEA as it can have the odd funny side effect with the odd person.

    So both will raise your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, DHEA is a hormone and Tribulus is a herb.

    And these will not affect your testicles like shrinking them, which is a side effect of TRT, what they do is to shut down your own testosterone, hence your testicles die and shrink, as for penis shrinkage, never heard of that. OK

    Have a read through, your find it very interesting.


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    RE: Doctors reluctant to prescribe Testosterone (TRT)! 51M

    I have read through your post. Your doctor can not help you in this case. So you can refer to some of our articles. If you have questions then we can advise you.
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    RE: Doctors reluctant to prescribe Testosterone (TRT)! 51M

    Hi sorry somehow missed the bit about gaining weight, so google the Cabbage diet its a 7 day kick start diet and works well I use it a couple of times a year, and it will make you feel good, but do the first day again at the end, I find you need after Sunday or your last day.

    But get out and start exercising, swimming is best along with good brisk walking, when first did this to fight ED used a weighted ruck sack start with 20 pounds and work up, it all helps. with the cabbage diet if you do it keep fruit day going along with the banana and milk day.

    If you smoke try and stop ASAP if you drink get it down to a beer a day, these all help.

    Google foods to raise testosterone your find a couple of good sites.

    Do you know if you have high cholesterol? are you on statins? as both can affect your erections.

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        Been reading your post and the answers given so far..

        One thing that I would like to add is that Tribulus Terrestris DOES NOT directly boost testosterone in any shape or form... It has failed to work in numerous clinical trials. It might have some libido boosting properties for some men. But As a T-booster it just doesn't work...

        I have been studying testosterone and natural ingredients for the past 6 years, most of my research can be found here - feel free to have a read through some of the articles -I hope it helps you - https://testojunction.com