• over 1 year ago

    Phimosis (tight foreskin) self treatment

    Hi everyone,

    For a long time I've had a problem where my foreskin doesn't pull back easily. After looking at the internet I found out that this is called phimosis (I think). After having gotten a girlfriend we noticed this problem and we have been working on it by having her pull down on it forcefully.Initially this was very painful and the foreskin didn't come back at all but now this has actually helped more than any sort of stretching exercises! And now its a lot more flexible and hurts less when the foreskin is pulled back (although there is still some discomfort) even though the problem isn't permanently solved.

    In other words if she doesn't regularly pull the foreskin back it starts to get tight again and the pain is a lot worse when trying to pull the foreskin back.

    My question was wondering if this could cause any sort of mechanical stress or damage? I was thinking of this since I noticed that the frenulum gets stretched a lot when the foreskin is pulled back ( I think its called the frenulum but not sure,its like a little piece of flesh which is attached to the head and the foreskin). Is it a possibility that this little piece could actually tear or something?