• 2 days ago

    RE: Need a cognitive stimulant that isn't coffee

    Hi There.. I know that this post is over a year old, so you might not see this, but I wanted to reply anyway..

    I have been studying nootropic treatments, and various nootropic compounds for over 5 years, and have experimented with many of the popular products, both natural and drug based in my search for the optimum brain booster.

    I can confidently tell you that although Noopept is a well known synthetic (man made) product (originating from Russia) which can offer some good effects, it has been linked to some rather unpleasant side effects.

    These can include: Headaches, anxiety, problems sleeping, mood swings, impaired cognitive function (not what you want from a nootropic), physical weakness, visual impairment, increased weight and last but not least reduced motivation.

    I am not against drug based products per se, but when it comes to nootropics, I have found during my intensive research and personal experiences that natural supplements can provide similar results without risks of any side effects.

    This site is a great resource for anybody looking into nootropics:

    Hope this helps!