• 9 months ago

    Semen issue. Please ANSWER!

    Please if there is someone who medically might know the answer I'd seriously appreciate it. I for the last month or have been having semen randomly come out. With out stimulation or having sex. It happens when I have a BM or after peeing, happened just now as I was running randomly. I'm kind of nervous cause I've read it's a STD. I work out ALOT, I take supplements but nothing illegal and other than that take adderal and and Tylenol. No drugs no excessive drinking like I'm very health conscious. There is some times a tightness in my scrodum when it happens or feels like something is cutting the circulation off to my penis. It doesn't shoot out it just slowly leaks, sometimes in my urine. I just recently got tested for lupus also, still waiting on results. I have AS also but I don't feel like any of that would cause this? PLEASE HELP!


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Semen issue. Please ANSWER!

    HI had your prostate checked out lately? its a good starting place ask for a DRE for your prostate its the best way, DRE digital rectum exam.

    Seamen oozing out after a BM its because stools pass your prostate and squeezes some out all very normal at the end of taking a leak, could you have a build up could be why, do you masturbate a couple of times a week? this would help by giving you a release, its all very healthy to do so.

    Do you mean do you mean it does not shoot out any more, seamen from masturbation, ok you need to kegel, its an exercise for your pelvic floor, and these will strengthen them back up, to find out more nip over to www.pegym.com under the header banner your see kegels, just click on it and you find lots of useful help for kegels and reverse kegels, tip when you do the last ones do make sure your bladder is empty.

    Would I be right in saying your perhaps over 50?