• 9 months ago

    Chronic testical pain due to testicular adrenal rest tumors

    Hi my name is Aaron. im a 23 yo male and i was diagnosed with testicualr adrenal rest tumors the beinging of the year. I have 4 tumors under 1cm on my right ball and 5 on my left with 1 being over 1cm. Im constantly in pain to the point where it'll double me over or feel like my balls are going back inside of me. What can i do for the pain. The doctors dont know what to do. Hoping by asking other guys i might get ideas. They have me on a dexamethasone 0.5 mg horomone therapy regimemt and have me taking ibuprofen for the pain. Was hoping some guys and girl may have ideas of what i can try at home to make the pain bearable. Anything helps!