• RE: Vitamin requirements for a 66 year male

    Vitamin supplementation is confusing business! And, I know you already take plenty of pills because of your diabetes and high blood pressure, so I suspect you want to keep things simple.
    For adults age 65 and older, like yourself, the main vitamin to consider taking is vitamin D to prevent bone loss and fractures. Talk to your doctor about what dose to take – that’ll depend on various factors including how much sun exposure you get and if you eat vitamin d fortified foods.
    As far as taking a multivitamin, you probably don’t need one. I’d check with your doctor about any specific vitamins you may need to supplement based on your medical issues.
    The best way to get the general vitamins you need is through the foods you eat. Focus on a diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains and less meat and fatty foods. Cut your portion sizes, get some exercise and keep working on the weight loss.
    Good luck! I hope this helps.
      • 8 months ago
        I'd say the doc summed it up pretty well. Eat your vitamins, don't take them in pill form if at all possible. Cut most of the crap out of your diet instead of dieting. Say NO to junk food. I know: Veggies and lean meat/nuts suck! But, do you want to live or die? You can go back to eating a little bit of junk once the weight is off; underscore "little". And exercise as much as you can. Walking is fine; jog/walk is better. My dad always told me doing push-aways were better than push-ups: Push yourself away from the table. If you can't get out to exercise, there are 98 things you can do inside with your own body weight, or objects around the house. Mental discipline is tough, but doable. Best to you.