• 12 days ago

    Separate stream

    Hi so I was wondering if any other guys knew what this is? When I go pee my stream is sometimes split, or will kind of sprinkle off the side. It doesn’t always happen but it’s been happening more frequently, and I was wondering if there is a way to fix it. It can be really annoying when it comes back on me when I’m out in public. Thanks!


  • 11 days ago

    RE: Separate stream

    I would say you getting dried sperm giving you this problem, two reasons one is your masturbating before sleep, or two your tank is to full and your getting a seepage of sperm why your sleeping? if its the second one masturbate more to keep your sperm moving, any normal guy masturbates around three or more time a week, and its this that keep your sperm moving out of your body, its healthy to masturbate.