• 13 days ago

    jelly lumps in my sperm

    hi i have been reading posts about yellow lumps in your sperm i have had these for years yellow lumps like little pieces of jelly rice i noticed this when i was 26 i am now 56 so 30 years and there is nothing wrong with me as far as i no. I did use to worry about it when i was young because that's what you do. So that is why i have put this post up to stop young and old men worrying because if i have had this for thirty years it cannot be as bad as you think so stop worrying about it and go enjoy yourselves instead. But don't pull the end off it. I just hope i have helped stop men from worrying.


  • 13 days ago

    RE: jelly lumps in my sperm

    Hi its all very simple to overcome and get rid of lumps for good, you just need to masturbate more, suggest you masturbate daily of twice daily for to two weeks doing this will clear out your store, but don't worry its replace with fresh daily so your get rid of lumps in your sperm, as men we need to have sex 3 times a week or masturbate the same, doing it wont hurt you.

    This way your keep healthy and your prostate will love you.

      • 13 days ago
        hi yes that works i was pulling it three times a day for weeks to try and clear it but found the best way if you can do it which sounds easy but not for me i struggle drink 2 litres of water a day after a couple of days there was an improvement and after a couple of weeks gone but comes back when dehydrated so you have to keep drinking the water which as i said i struggle with