• 14 days ago

    Mark Mearin Arizona lifestyle tips

    Living in Phoenix Arizona gives residents a plethora of exercise activities year round and some excellent places to shop for healthy food and vitamins. My Mark Mearin lifestyle tips are sure to help you in your search to get healthy.
    Everyday chance I get I go hike squaw peak in Phoenix. There are novice hikers as well as expert hikers and it is agreat cardio and leg workout. I also take advantage of local parks with workout stations like Greneda Park not too far from squaw peak. I play year round tennis and soccer both indoor and outdoor. Since I have taken this sports up as hobbies it has really gotten me into much better shape and helps me to sleep like a baby at night.
    I like to shop at Sprouts where I also get my vitamins. I keep it kind of simple but take vitamin d and b12 daily. I have also gone gluten free and Sprouts has many gluten free options. I feel that diet is very important especially as we grow older. I have really cut back on red meat and have been enjoying salmon, cauliflower rice and lots of fresh broccoli.
    I hope these lifestyle tips by Mark Mearin help you to improve the way you feel and improve your quality of life.
    Thanks for reading.

    Mark Mearin
    Phoenix lifestyle expert