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    RE: erection issues

    Hi Can you give some more info like your age, your health, are you on any meds, diabetic, HBP, been having any other problems, like watching to much porn, porn can be a real sex killer.

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    RE: erection issues

    Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. You should see a doctor and find out the cause. If it caused by prostate problems like prostatitis or enlarged prostate, you can take herbal medicine called diuretic anti-inflammatory pill.
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    This is normal. These problems can occur at any age. You need to put some changes in your life style Like: Avoiding tobacco and drugs and limiting alcohol, if you have this habit.
    Taking medicines and getting counseling for depression or anxiety.
    Using vacuum devices or getting shots of medicine into the penis.
    Having surgery to place an implant in the penis.

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    RE: erection issues

    Try using a penis health creme... these are multivitamin cremes made just for the penis and have a tremendous impact on blood flow and erection health. I use one and it improved my sex life bigtime... it is called Man1 Man Oil. Check it out. Hope this helps.
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    RE: erection issues

    Fatigue, anxiety, poor health, medication or alcohol may all be responsible and can be reversible. When a man suffers from Erectile dysfunction,
    the extra blood that should flow into his penis and engorge does not happen.

    You have not mentioned your age. Even though the man may be excited and stimulated, some illnesses (like uncontrolled diabetes), use of drugs (such as alcohol, heroin) and insufficient male hormone, aging, stress may cause ED. Some psychological causes are often seen e.g. anger with partner, the boredom of the act, and anxiety about not doing well in sex, etc.

    Many medications in Ayurveda (herbal pills for ED) have been found to help in the ED treatment for increasing testosterone, improving sexual performance and helping reduce the associated stress and anxiety.

    Advice to be followed to gain back the sexual stamina and erection:
    Tobacco: Stop smoking or any other use of tobacco. Nicotine in tobacco causes constriction of the blood vessels.

    Monitor your medications: Many drugs can be common culprits to cause erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Substitute with alternate medication without these side effects under the supervision of your doctor.

    Balanced Diet: Avoid excessive consumption of fats, sugars and salt and take plenty of proteins (egg white, pulses, fish, and skimmed milk), green vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet provides enough energy for sexual activity.

    Exercise: The aim is to achieve physical fitness and not bodybuilding. Do regular exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

    Cardio – respiratory efficiency: Running, swimming, fast walking, cycling or spot running, minimum for 20 min and at least for 5 days in a week.

    Flexibility: Practice yoga asanas. Each asana should be done for 2 minutes. Difficult and painful asanas need not be done.

    Above tips will help you in erection issues.
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        Have you had your testosterone levels checked by your doctor? its not uncommon for levels to drop as we get older and libido is one of the first things that can be affected..

        If you haven't had it done, ask your doctor to arrange a blood test to check your blood/testosterone levels - they are most accurate when performed in the morning. generally any reading below 300ng.dl is considered to be low T
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    RE: erection issues

    You have to first consult a doctor if you are facing this issue from a long time. Or if you are seeing this from last one or two months. Then I think your diet and your daily routine is reason behind all of this.

    You can try some natural ways to get the old erections and happy sex life. There are so many natural ways by which you can increase your natural testosterone production.

    All you need to do is to add some testosterone boosting foods in your diet with some exercise routine and by removing the testosterone reducing foods from your diet.

    You can check this article as well. They made an amazing article how you can increase your testosterone levels naturally and by some foods with proven studies and researches.

    And you can even try some supplements that can also help you in your erections and libido health. You can read the review of that supplement before buying.
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    RE: erection issues

    Have blood work performed checking your bioavailable testosterone. HgbA1c to see if may be diabetic. Make sure you eat whole foods, drink plenty of water and exercise.