• 1 month ago

    Pain in tip of urethra, and top of penis head; Many Dr visits, tests and attempted cures- but no help after months.

    I have been experiencing pain at the tip of my urethra, and on the top of my penis head, for about 2 months now. It feels more like a constant sting rather than a burning, and there is no discharge, or visible symptoms.

    When I touch the top of my penis head, it is extremely sensitive, and sometimes the skin looks a little cracked, but other times it looks completely normal. It feels like a chaffing effect, but I only wear breathable cotton boxers, and have not caused any chaffing. There are no lesions or bumps, and while I keep the area clean, I do not use any soaps or irritants directly on it.

    I am in a happy monogamous relationship, and have abstained from sex for a very long time (years before these symptoms began). I have completely normal urine flow, and it looks clear/yellow, and has been tested at nauseam.

    I went to my doctor multiple times, and went to a urologist. This is what has been done with unsuccessful results:

    Urgent Care Facility (Doctor Unavailable)
    1) First urine test, to test for UTI- no leukocytes and negative
    2) Second urine test, to test for gonorrhea/chlamydia- both negative
    3) Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis and put on 3 weeks of levofloxacin- no help

    General Physician (2 Visits)
    4) Third urine test, to microscopically test for stones- no blood or any evidence
    5) Given oral anti-fungal in case of yeast infection from 3 weeks of antibiotics- test revealed no yeast infection, and oral anti-fungal did nothing

    6) Fourth urine test- completely normal results
    7) Gave me a prostate exam- completely normal results, but told me this could be lingering pain from chronic prostatitis

    General Physician
    8) Fifth urine test to check for c-reactive protein and any bacteria- both negative
    9) Tested for Diabetes- negative

    The only other things that came to mind after researching, are reactive arthritis, genital urethral herpes, or some kind of nerve damage to the dorsal vein on the top of my penis. But none of those things seem to be likely in my case- particularly not the HSV as I have no symptoms/lesions, and the damage seems unlikely as I have never had any penile trauma I can think of.

    Looking forward to hearing back, and maybe even getting some resolve. Thanks in advance.