• 10 days ago

    i have prostatitis but its not going away. what do i do? should i be concerned? i really need advice

    this happened in 2013. i remember i started feeling weird pain in my prostate. so i went to the emergency room and they did urine test and found nothing. i remember i use to go to the ER daily and they thought i was a drug addict asking for pain killer and they said they cant give pain killers for something they couldnt find. so as time went by i started peeing blood.things got worse. the pain got worse. in 2015 i remember i couldnt uriniate and the emergancey room put in a cathiter. but then the pee couldnt come out because i felt something blocking the tube. i went back to the emergancy room and they said i have kidney stone. for some odd reason i was able to pee again unexpectly. sometimes i cant sometimes i could. so this stressed me out. i dont remember the kidney stone came to be honest. so one night in remember i couldnt pee again so i went back to the emergancy room and they said i cant pee because i have chlamydia. they didnt diagnose me correcly. i havent had sex for 9 years and even when i had a boyfriend i was never sick. he wasnt sick either. back the me and my boyfriend didnt know anything about HIV or any decease we would have sex without condoms and he use to have sex with others without condoms. basically cheating on me. every year after we broke up i started getting HIV test and im clean. one month ago got one and still nothing. my point is i have no decease and im healthy. anyways after the emergancy room gave me that diagnosis i went to another ER and they couldnt find what was wrong with me and for some reason again i was able to pee by myself. i finally did research and located a good urologist. he took different test on me and didnt find anything. at some point the urologist started getting annoyed with me because i kept going to see him and he told me they cant find anything and he has other paitents with more serious problems and he made me feel like i wasnt worthy of his time. 2015-2017 i went into a deep depression and was suicidal. not only i had this prostate problem but i was dealing with other personal things in my life. so i lost over 2 hundred points because of my depression. so i went to another urologist. he took test and finally said i have prostatitis. this is my second time getting it. the urologist said that with prostatitis sometimes you could pee and sometimes you cant and since i went so long without getting treated thats why i couldnt pee those times. so basically i had a infection and the other urologist didnt find it. i ecpected the emergancy room not to find it because the ER is just a patch and go. so they dont have the tools urologist have and i found that out by the urologist so i wasted my time and i should have went to a urologist. so anyways thats the short version of the store. right now im taking antibiotics.two months on antibiotics and i still have it. this pain is the worst. i try not to take pain killers my urologist gave me because i want it to go away on its own. right now im still consipated. lower back pain.abdominal pain. my testicles hurt. my prostate area hurts. why isnt my prostate infection going away? should i be concerned? my urologist said lots of people get this unexpectly and it goes and comes and also suggested i fill the tub with hot water and salt and lay in the tub too. could there be something more serious going on? because i havent had a normal stool in over a month. and i keep feeling pain. sharp pain in my prostate