• 12 days ago


    Every once in awhile at the beginning of sex i experience what we have always referred to as a quiver. It feels like a tiny orgasm and a loss of erection and sensitivity without a loss of sexual desire. It feels nothing like when I ejaculate. There is no ejaculate or precum, not a drop of anything or any kind of leakage so I've never considered it as premature ejaculation because and also don't lose sexual desire. It's not a retrograde ejaculation. When this happens there is a shorter refractory period and i am able to achieve full orgasm, usually after much longer than normal to her benefit.
    It's mostly an issue when we are trying to do a quickie and skip the foreplay. I'm also more likely to have this issue if we try to start out doggy.
    Is this considered premature ejaculation?


  • 12 days ago

    RE: Premature?

    Hi Cant see how you call it PE as then you would shot your load, but this is the first time I have heard of this kind of condition.

    It sounds like your having a false start to sex, when this happens have you just engaged in foreplay, sorry you said you skip it, as its just a quickie, the trouble is perhaps you need that slow build up and your body cant take a quick one, stick to the old long foreplay and enjoy it.