• 28 days ago

    Chronic muscle strains

    I've been dealing with chronic muscle strains in one particular muscle on both sides of my body. I believe that it is the levator scapulae. I have strained the muscle on both sides of my body 2 or 3 times each within the past 2 months (and I have injured the left side before years ago). I mostly have problems when doing bench press, and often times when I use heavy weight I will start to feel pain in either side. I'm sure that this comes from a muscle imbalance but I'm not sure what it could be. I try to massage and stretch the lavator scapulae and its synergists/antagonists but I don't know if it is helping and I can't find much online. I don't suffer from any obvious muscular disorders like upper crossed, and I never injure any other muscles. I think it must be something more subtle that only effects the lavator scapulae. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.