• 29 days ago

    Been having trouble keeping and getting erection im only 17

    ining erections
    So as the title says I’ve been having trouble maintaining an erection. The first time this happened was with this girl who came over my house and we were having sex but I couldn’t maintain my erection for long at all and that never happens. It took awhile before I can actually get fully erect to at least not fully embarrass myself but I was also scared. I do tend to masturbate a lot And im not sure if that has anything to do with it. But after that day I went on and continued with my life until about yesterday and today i started realizing that when I masturbate im not fully hard. Im kind of in between and that scares me so much. I can still finish but im not hard I watched porn and got an erection but it quickly went away. I dont know what’s wrong with me. I read somewhere that this can be caused by stress,anxiety,or depression and I have anxiety and depression and have been feeling like *** lately but is there any advice? Im already trying to stay away from masturbating for at least 2 or more days. I just dont want it to be anything serious or cause me to never get an erection again.