• 8 months ago

    Rash, burning, urethra damage .what is it?

    5 months ago i broke out in a rash on the head of my penis and my testicles burned and it burned when i urinated. The rash went away within a week but my penis wqs inflammed in a few specific areas and there are lines on my skin coming from my urethra. My scrotum is still red and there are often discomforting feelings in the region like tingling, burning, and hyper sensitive.

    I have tested negative for chlamydia, ghonorea, hiv, hsv2, hep abc, and syphillis.

    It is not fungal as i have taken numerous prescription level anti fungals and still remained.

    Right now applying moisturizer and protopic for 2 months and still there...thaught maybe it is a dermatitis.

    I have photos and can share.

    I have been to multiple doctors with no real luck or confirmed diagnosis. Any help appreciated. Any ideas what this might be from my symptoms?