• 8 months ago

    Sore Penis, Low Libido

    For the last 8 months or so I’ve been having the same issues.
    My penis always feels a little sore, especially my urethra. It kind of feels like after I have an orgasm, only it’s constant (no matter how long I go without an orgasm).
    My libido has also dropped significantly. For a while it was nonexistent.
    The urologist did a cystoscopy and said my bladder and urethra looked healthy. She said it may be cystitis, and told me what food and drink to avoid. It didn’t help.
    It started a few weeks after I began taking Lexapro. I stopped taking it for about two months, but that didn’t help either.
    I’m also on Truvada for PrEP.
    I’m a bit desperate for an answer and remedy by this point.