• 5 days ago

    Sphincter control?

    Not sure where to post this, but I have a couple of conditions that are leading to a very unpleasant situation. I'm a 67 year old healthy male in virtually every respect. But here's what's happening.

    First, I appear to be having some anal leakage issues. After a bowel movement, I wipe as usual, but within 30 minutes or so I have to wipe again because of some minor leakage.

    Unfortunately, I developed an infection independently on my arm and was prescribed two antibiotics, which caused me to have diarrhea. You can see where this is going. ...

    Is there any way to strengthen the sphincter? Isn't it just a muscle, like any other muscle? Or any treatments for anal leakage other than wearing diapers?

    This is a very awkward post, but I need help! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • 5 days ago

    RE: Sphincter control?

    Hello sir, I can imagine how uncomfortable or cumbersome this might be for you, I was able to find a couple of things you could do, however if they do not work I would highly suggest for you to get checked by a GI doctor.

    Here are the 2 exercises:

    1. Begin a program of regularly contracting the muscles used to control urinary flow (Kegel exercises). This builds strength in the pelvic muscles and may help reduce bowel incontinence.

    2. Bowel training. Schedule bowel movements at the same times each day. This can help prevent accidents in between.

    Hope this gets better!