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  • 2 hours ago

    27 with ED and incapable of having kids.

    I'm about to be 27 and since age 13 have had ED, infertility and premature ejaculation. Any other or natrual remedies. Have even used methamphetamine and Adderall to supplement dopamine, which has not given me a erection.
  • 2 hours ago

    unexplained pain

    Hi my son has been experiencing severe but sporadic bouts of pain in his right hand side for about 3 years he is now 17, at first we thought it was wind (gas) but no medication worked for this and it is not eased by going to the toilet, we then took him to hospital and the Dr checked him for appendicitis but it wasn't and he did not have any other suggestions, at one point i thought it might food related (possibly lactose intolerance) but there does not seem to be a particular trigger. the pain....
  • 6 hours ago

    Upper back pain near scapula

    My sharp pain is 9/10 near the spine that radiates to the bottom of the left scapula. Is it a vertebral fracture? Or a rib fracture. ? Icing helps, rest and Advil. It was sudden onset and on my 3rd day now. Movement exacerbates pain but immobility of my arm helps.
  • 17 hours ago


    No one answered the granddaughter asking if it's normal for grandmother to have get shingles three times. Should she still get the vaccine? Why do some people get shingles repeatedly?
  • 20 hours ago

    postherpetic neuralgia

    After my bout with severe shingles I was left with postherpetic neuralgia. It is usually short lived (extremely painful..worse than shingles)but mine has been with me for going on 6 years. I take morphine and gabapentin to curb the is so painful I can barely wear shirts. I'm not posting to get sympathy but to warn anyone who suspects they have shingles to get to a doctor asap..had I done that instead of trying to man up I probably would not have been afflicted with this horrible disease....
  • 1 day ago

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  • 1 day ago

    Advice on going to get a Physical exam done

    Hello all I am 35 some what healthy male. I had to change doctors to an internal medicine doctor and will be going to see him next week. I have been just using the walk-in clinics around here but think it would be better to have someone follow me from this point on so if something does happen it will be in one spot. I have not had a regular Physical in over 5 years and wanted to see what I can expect from it. Any insight would be helpful.

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  • 1 day ago

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