• over 1 year ago

    What's next

    Hi I'm a 29 yr old female . 3 yrs ago on April 20, 2015 age 25 I had a massive stroke completely paralyzed on my left side I went from a healthy active wife and mom of 3 to someone changing my diaper feeding me and completely dependent on someone else I went thru extensive therapy and pushed myself bck on my own feet for the most part but my health has spiraled down so much I can't get one problem taken care of before another one shows up my memory is for the birds and now I'm currently being poked and prodded on bc my platelets r not workin at all and i gave almost bled to death 2 times this year the 2nd time I had to b given 4 units of blood in 12 hours and almost didn't come back !! What can I do to get ahead of this or will I live out my days like this ??? For got to add the fact I have suffered from seizures since May 8th after my stroke also