• 8 months ago

    Stroke followed by bleeding


    My mother, 70 years, had a stroke while at sleep and by the time we took her to hospital it was more than 5 hours. She had some weakness with her right leg and hand and the speech was not clear and the mouth was turning to a side a bit.
    However, she was in the ICU and after 4 days she was out into a room and her mobility got better each day.
    Unfortunately, she was coughing hard and on the day she was to be discharged from hospital we noticed that her stomache was growing and after a CT scan found out that there was blood and clot accumulated in the wall of stomache, right side. An I&D was done by the General surgeon and nearly 1 and half litres of blood and clot was removed. She was back in ICU.
    They had to stop all blood thinning medicines hence.
    Slowly her right side is weak again and after more than one week of I &D, they have restarted just 75mg of Aspirin but nothing else.
    The sad part is now after about 19 days of the first stroke, her right side is completely paralyzed, it seems.
    Am wondering, when can the neuro surgeon decide to give her blood thinners now. The general surgeon who did the I&D says her wound on the stomache is getting better with every day and there is no more bleeding or infection there.
    In between, the Pulmonologist suspected a lung infection and started some heavy dose anti biotics and he thinks she has reacted to it well, which means hopefully there is no issue with lungs.
    she is out of ICU, but absolutely weak in right side.
    Please tell me, what would be the ideal process of recovery for her. Will she be able to walk again (they did many CT scans after but says there were no extra strokes!)
    Will giving more blood thinners, once the hospital feels it ok to give her, help her retrieve, please.

    Forgive me for any lack of clarity in this message as am in deep pain and all.
    Thanking you so much.