• over 1 year ago

    2nd stroke affecting both sides of brain

    About 1 - 2 months ago my 75 yr old mother had her first massive stroke on the right side of brain. She had gotten weaned off the vent and was paralyzed on left side. She had trouble finding the right word to use when speaking. For instance, if she wanted to say "911" shed say " fire station" or " doctor". She has now had another massive stroke this time affecting the left side of the brain. She is unresponsive and constantly sticks out her lips and tongue. She doesn't seem to react to pain or fright, doesn't follow commands but can move both eyes. She stares at the ceiling lights or EKG machine. Echo cardio came back good and only went into afib once since stay. There's a small bleed so they stopped blood thinners. Eeg showed decreased brain waves. Neuro says 1/3 damage to each side of brain although right side was previously told 1/4.She does move her left arm and very small movement in right arm.when run pen under right food she moves it. She's had pneumonia which they say has went away but one of the blood samples they took showed infection so waiting on updated blood test result. She's had light blood in urine and stool. Neuro says she'll be vegetable and most doctors tell me just to make her comfortable. Is it wrong to give her some time, like we did we did with first stroke to see if she improves? Any and all advice appreciated.