• over 1 year ago


    I'm 71 and I've had two strokes. The second stroke my family was
    told that I was going to die. However, I fooled the doctors. My
    concern is I had exrays taken of my brain. I often was asked if
    I had been shot in the head. I told them no, but thought they
    were teasing. When I had my last stroke, the doctor was talking
    to my husband. My husband told me that I had a metal plate
    on the left side of my brain. I didn't know that, but after talking
    to the doctor discovered that when I was 12 my mother had my
    ears put back because they stuck out. I had big ears and she
    use to laugh at me. My left ear didn't go all the way back and
    to get that ear to go back due to not having enough cartilage.
    He put it back with a metal plate, but it still sticks out a bit. My question is, if I have a stroke under this metal plate, can I survive?
    Forgot to mention, before having the strokes I would get a very
    bad headache and then go into a coma, then have a stroke.