• 5 months ago

    What could I possibly be experiencing?

    Four days ago I had a microwave fall onto my head. It hurt a lot and I had a ringing in my head after that incident. I was alright nonetheless, just a little hurt from the microwave.
    In under 28 hours, I had a long day and then I was going to bed (I have been crying the whole day so my heart was hurting). As I was laying down I weirdly had a huge pop in my left ear, extremely sharp pains on the back of my head, my left shoulder and left foot couldn’t move. I was then able to lay on my bed unstuck 30 seconds after. Nonetheless i had a very hard time rolling over it changing positions. The next morning, I felt like I was out of breathe, uncoordinated, and had extreme headaches to the point where I felt dizzy. I also felt as if I couldn’t really hear out of my left ear well enough. Right now I still feel tired. I still feel depressed so my heart is still hurting. I can move my body normally but I just feel the need to stay in bed because I am tired and depressed. I have a buzzing in my ear again, but my head is feeling okay pain wise. I don’t know what’s going on with me, is it something as severe as a stroke or am I going through extreme depression?
    I was at the doctor for something like a stroke incident, but it was more of an intense headache about 2 months ago
    My father recently had a stroke.
    Also I have been having anxiety attacks the past few months.