• 6 months ago

    How effective is a stroke physiotherapy?

    Hi! I am Hazel and I have joined this forum to seek advice for stroke physiotherapy. My uncle had a stroke a year back and he is paralyzed on his left side since then. He was in the ICU for almost 6 months. The doctors started physiotherapy but there was no change in his condition. At last, we heard the words that no one wants to hear. The doctors said, there is nothing more they can do. And he was discharged from the hospital. We are really disappointed about his condition. When I discussed this with my friend, he suggested seeking help from a clinic in Toronto for stroke physiotherapy( http://www.optimalrehab.org/physiotherapy/stroke-physiotherapy/ ). I am planning to take him there. How effective is a stroke physiotherapy? Any success stories to share? Is physiotherapy appropriate for his condition? Please help me with some valuable suggestions!