• 6 months ago

    Carotid Plaque showing up on X-Ray mostly falsified by Utrasound? How?

    I went to a chiropractor last week who took a look of an X-Ray of my neck which took place by the end of last year. What seemed to be the carotid arteries were very bright (grey/white). Made me go see a doctor. Doctor lost his ***, made ultrasound, said "yeah there is something going on there, probably have to get medications" (talks to me nervously for 1,5 hours). Sends me to a cardiologist.

    Cardiologist does ultrasound too, also on the heart (+ stress ECG, looked good). He shows me 2 minimal spots where there was minimal buildup of what could be plaque in one of the carotid arteries. Says he neither understands the reaction by first doctor, nor sees any correlation between what he saw in ultrasound and that x-ray. Is genuinely baffled. Says I should exercise and quit smoking, but there is no "stenosis" or need for medication. Blood levels still pending.

    Can anybody help me? I really need to know wtf happened. Apart from the shock, I don't seem to have any symptoms. Im a 29yo, non-obese male who has lived unhealthily most of my adult-life (smoking, drinking, but exercised to some degree and not eaten much junk).