• 7 months ago

    Why do some doctor's order d-dimer tests "stat"

    I work for a large medical group with multiple locations in several different counties, which also includes several Urgent Care/Walk-In facilities. I have noticed that the physicians at the Urgent Care locations in one particular county frequently (almost daily) call for "stat" D-dimer tests, whereas the physicians in the other counties do not call at all. I realize that they are using the test to help rule out thrombosis, but I question why some physicians are able to do so without ordering this test on a stat basis. From my previous experience in the commercial lab business, this is not a test included on their stat test menus because it is considered to be a test that should be ordered at a hospital. I am not "clinical" so it would not be considered appropriate for me to question a physician's practices. Does anyone have any insight on the different ordering patterns?