• 8 months ago

    My grandfather stopped responding a few days after his stroke

    So I’m thirteen, my whole family came from around the country to see my grandfather who just had a stroke. He is 74 and has a pacemaker, was a heavy smoker until about thirty years ago, that is why he had a heart attack from the smoking. He also has had bone marrow cancer for six years and we just figured out nothing was working to stop the cancer. He had a terrible pain in his foot before the stroke and has little movement on his left side. He responded to me up to three days after the stroke, waited a day and he hasn’t responded at all, for the thirteen years I have known him we were best friends, as a kid he would give me rides in his tractor and would always watch tv with me, it is hard to see him in this state and I know he doesn’t have much time left... the doctors six years ago said he had four years of life left in him after the cancer, in the end I wonder why he is not responding now, he twitches and grunts when I talk to him but does not open his eyes to see me like he did, any help and info even if It means something bad please help me I would like to know if he still understands me so I can still tell him I love him.