• 9 months ago

    has anyone else experienced just theese symptoms before?

    yesterday when i was driving suddenly without warning

    i had strong tingling sensation all over my upper body and at the same time felt like i was going to faint i imeadiatly stopped my vehicle in the middle of the road and my arm movements became over exagerated when i tried to call 911 i grabbed my cell phone to call and my arms and hands kept moving farther than i would move them and really jerky by the time i finnally got my phone unlocked and starting to dial the symptoms went away i would say about one to two minutes had passed so instead I continue on my way home and felt like maybe i just dodged a bullet
    the only other symptom was a faint ring of flashiness in my peripheral vision in both eyes but that symptom diminished got less and less and completly went away in about a half hour

    what do you think happened to me to cause this and could this have been a TIA or Seziure of some kind?

    ive looked online and have not heard of anyone having just theese three symptoms suddenly all at the same time and then they are gone all the sudden