• over 1 year ago

    panic,confusion & unconsciousness

    The other day I was in a very busy store and was feeling uncomfortable (which I thought was the cause, too many people) so I left and went to my car and sat for a few minutes. I could't remember if I had eaten so I went to the gas station and bought a snickers and something to drink. I got really panicked and disoriented in the gas station and had trouble finding my way out. This is the last thing I remember before crashing my car. Apparently I drove about half a mile then off the road and into a parking garage and another vehicle. Even once the police were able to wake me or when I remember them I still wasn't sure what was going on and wasn't really sure where I was. My memories are spotty for I'm assuming what was the next hour. I only have a clear memory from the point of being downtown handcuffed in the back of a Police SUV. So with all of this I would really like to know what happened????????????? I'm facing DUI charges among things but really want to know what is wrong with my body. Thank you in advance for your help