• over 1 year ago

    What the heck is going on?

    I am 57, had a pretty significant stroke in 4/6/16. After 3 weeks in the hospital I went home to in home therapy, then outpatient. I had significant issues with my right arm, vertigo, balance, speech, memory, word finding, comprehension, retention and walking. I had another stroke 3/5/17 that wasn't as severe the effected my left side. My balance, walking, balance other "brain" funtions were effected too.

    I am now starting to experience some new things and I don't know if they are related to the prior strokes or if this is something new that I should by worried about.

    My legs seem to be a lot "weaker" they don't feel like they will support me when I walk, In the house t I don't use a walking aide. When walking a short distance I use a can. For further distances I have a 4 wheeled walker and if it is really hot outside and a long way from home I have a wheelchair.

    My speech is off even more than normal and now my hearing is off too. The other day the new said "Golan Heights" but I heard "Golden Eggplant" and this happens quiet often. My sight is much blurrier, vertigo is back big time, especially when I close my eyes. Today I went to take a pill and had a bottle of water in my right hand and a pill to get rid of my Migraine in the other and sat down and my left hand would not open and move to my move to take the pill. I sat there for over 5 minutes staring at my hands, lost.

    I am at a loss with all this added stuff, has anyone else run into this kind of thing happen? Is this a sign of a new stroke? Should I be scared or is this "normal"?