• over 1 year ago

    Can a Concussion be a Catalyst to a Stroke

    Late last December I was stopped for a light and rear ended by a car when the driver was pre-occupied on their cell phone. I only felt a grogginess after my head snapped forward but thought I would be OK. The grogginess soon became a mix of dizziness, periodic headaches, sudden, short term memory loss and a noticeable loss of balance when I hike or play basketball. I saw my doctor about week or so later for a yearly physical and mentioned my symptoms. Blood tests revealed my cholesterol was higher, now on the high side of normal. She ignored my other symptoms.

    About a month or so later I went back to see her as the symptoms persisted. She had a trauma specialist examine me and both concluded I must have a concussion. I should also not that the drivers insurance company did not honor their stated policy to give victims a replacement vehicle. So I went 44 days without a car or the ability to drive to my gym to exercise. Then when I finally bought a different car my first time playing, I got Plantar's Fasciitis so missed another 38 days of exercise. So my weight jumped up 10-15 pounds in this timeframe.
    Exactly three months after the car accident, I had a stroke. The concussion symptoms remained a daily event with the addition of slurred words and a sagging left face.

    They kept me in the ER for 3 days doing a CAT Scan, MRI, Echo and I think one called a Bell test where I saw live heart imagery. I appreciated the care and occasional ER Docs visits to me. They said I had a full Ischemic stroke but it seemed I had been having lesser "shower effect" strokes for a while longer.

    When I suggested and asked my GP Doctor if there was any correlation between a concussion and a stroke after sharing my logic, she only said "I disagree". She was visibly uncomfortable with me even asking, though the practice says it encourages patients to ask where confused. She dropped me without any word to me. I have always been a good patient and highly ethical, but was concerned she stopped my now life vital Warfarin prescription renewal three times.

    Last week I saw an article on Web MD and one by the Journal of Science and Medicine stating "A strong correlation between a concussion and a stroke. They even go on to say there was a tenfold chance that a concussion victim would have a stroke 3 months later, exactly when I had mine.

    I will speak again with my Neurologist but I sense a gap between these new reports and doctors formed opinions. I also want to properly close out my insurance claim so Medicare can be reimbursed for where it covered concussion-related treatments. I realize there is less certainty with concussions and strokes and also that much of medicine is probability based. But without a medical opinion on the subject with regard to my circumstances given I still have some of the same concussion and stroke symptoms, I just feel like the system is working around me.

    I appreciate my doctors and yet am not sure this matter has ever gotten the proper attention. If you know of any other research or second opinion sources, I appreciate it.