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    How can you tell if a person is having a mini-stroke?

    My mother-in-law occasionally sounds like she's been drinking. Slurred speech, totally forgets what happened for a part of that day. She gets upset if I mention that she is not "acting like her usual self", that something seems wrong and I asked her once if she had been drinking which she swore she had not been, and then she was very upset with me for asking her that. I believe she has had a minor stroke in the past. Could this be happening again when she is like this? I am worried about her but she refuses to see a doctor.


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    Somethings not right and she should be seen promptly. Call 911 when this happens since there’s no way to tell if these symptoms are from a mini-stroke or a more serious or debilitating stroke. And you would remove yourself from advising her to see a doctor…

    A mini-stroke, happens for the same reason as a stroke…blood supply to a part of the brain is interrupted. Symptoms such as numbness or weakness one side of the body, confusion or difficulty in talking or understanding speech, slurred speech, difficulty walking, dizziness, or loss of balance and coordination are signs of an emergency.

    In both, the symptoms start suddenly but usually disappear within an hour with a mini-stroke, yet they can last up to 24 hours.

    ****Even if the symptoms go away, they shouldn’t be ignored since mini-strokes are a warning sign that she's at risk for having a future stroke.

    Strokes can cause disabilities yet they can be prevented. By treating and controlling risk factors like high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, heart disease, and diabetes and making a few lifestyle changes like eating right, maintaining healthy weight, exercising, she can reduce these risks .