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  • 2 months ago

    take 5 hours to fall asleep

    when Im woken take 4 hours to get back to sleep. I can not shut my Brain off. Please help
  • 3 months ago

    Complicated dreams keeping me from feeling rested.

    Hey everyone, This is sort of new to me but wanted to see if anyone has heard of this before. I generally have no problem falling asleep although I have restless nights every now and then. My brain is generally overactive and I struggled with an anxiety and panic disorder but that doesn't usually give me issues with falling asleep. However, lately even though I do fall asleep quickly, my dreams are long and complicated and I can feel that they are making my brain work full force to solve the....
  • 3 months ago

    Sleeping disorder

    Since 2014 up to present , I am experiencing a sleep disorder condition. I would sleep with ease, but would remember very clearly my Vivid dreams (not Nightmares)and wake up feeling not rested and tired through the day. I have done sleep Apnea test (breathing) and result was good. I tried all means i.e. exercising, meditation, melatonin etc, all did not work. Now I can't focus well, my work performance drop down, and feel like not good as before, any help please?
  • 3 months ago

    Need help for a friend who is in rough shape.

    Hello everyone. I am new to these boards and come seeking advice. I have a close friend who is narcoleptic. He has been so for many years now. Throughout these many years he has tried many different medications, all have worked to some extent or another BUT all have ended up making him sick. Why? This is because he has a rare allergy to an ingredient that is found in a lot of common pill-form medicines. The exact name escapes me at this moment but I think it's something along the lines of Titanium....
  • 3 months ago

    Before Sleep....

    Taken shortly before sleep, it helps shorten the time needed to fall asleep due to the melatonin content. The supplement also contains lemon balm leaves, hops extract, chamomile and saffron, which help relax the body and contribute to relieving tension and irritation, as well as help in falling asleep and maintaining a healthy sleep. Additionally, thanks to vitamin B6 content, the supplement aids in the normal functioning of the nervous system and helps maintain the proper psychological functions....
  • 3 months ago

    WebMD Special Report: Why Can't We Sleep?

    Sharing this with our community members ... take a look at our new Special Report which looks at something so many struggle with: Getting good sleep. We also looked at some of the latest sleep-related products -- and their claims to help.
  • 3 months ago

    Chronic fatigue

    I am a 7 year Fibromyalgia survivor, I was diagnosed in 2013. It has taken me a very long time to get my meds right since being diagnosed. I have jumped throgh their hoops because of the Opoid clamp down. They cut me off of that not knowing if I was gonna go through withdrawals from 5 mg of vicodin. Then I was put on another pain reliever and muscle relaxer with an anti anxiety medication. With all of our technology you think thay they could come up with something less addictive with all of the medications....
  • 4 months ago

    Too deep a sleep...

    Hi there, I am a female, in my mid-sixties. On an average, say a couple times a month, I fall into what seems like an extremely deep sleep level from which I have a very hard time "coming to" in the morning. I am a self-professed "night owl", going to bed between 12-2am. I generally sleep well, awakening to use the bathroom twice during the night. When I fall into these very deep sleeps, it's usually in the early am, say around 6-7 am. I am always having intense dreams during....
  • 4 months ago

    Extremely fatigued, nauseous, but really hungry

    Hello! I've been experiencing the weirdest combination of symptoms and I'm a little afraid of confronting my parents about it bc they overreact to everything. For almost a week, I've been really tired but I haven't done anything other than my usual school schedule. I'm also getting hungry all of the time and I don't understand because I've never had to eat so much food in my entire life. Last thing, I've been nauseous almost night and cannot sleep. My guess is a bad....
  • 4 months ago

    I need to know what to do

    Ive been up for 72 hours im starting to see stuff and i blackout earlier i dont know if i should go to the hospital because i was told they cant do anything