• 15 days ago

    Would a good mattress help with back pain and good sleep

    In one of my other posts here, I have explained that I have some god awful back pain. Long story short, my back pain started when I had a really taxing project at my workplace a few weeks back. And the back pain doesn't seem to go. I am doing almost everything to help with the back pain, but nothing seems to help really - exercises, physiotherapy, and on, a recliner as well!

    I also have Vitamin D deficiency FYI. I am a 35 year old female, and I am really done with my lower back ache. I was thinking of getting a good memory foam mattress to help with this. I also have trouble getting a good night's sleep. How would I go about choosing a mattress for my back pain? Would it even help?

    Your thoughts are appreciated. I am doing almost everything to help with my back pain.