• 3 months ago

    Sleepdisruption intense

    I came to this forum because i have developed a severe sleep disorder.

    everytime i start to fall asleep i wake up feeling hot, anxious and as if there were electricity coursing through my veins.

    i have consulted with a psych dr. and have been given different medications. the most recent is seroquel.

    the condition seeems to get more intense each day and i am unable to sleep.

    i'm frightened and don't know what to do. apparently the psysch doc doesn't either.

    i desperately need support and any advice since i'm fast reaching the end of my rope.


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Sleepdisruption intense

    Your description is consistent with hyperarousal, which typically results from excessive stress and/or anxiety experienced during waking hours. The seroquel is a potential drug therapy for that, but if you're not satisfied with what you're getting now consider asking for a referral to an MD who specializes in sleep. A sleep doc typically will recommend a CBT sleep training program. There could be some behavioral issues overlapping with your psychiatric issues, which isn't uncommon, and a combination of methods might help you.