• 13 days ago

    Why do I wake very easily, and respond with a fight type reaction?

    Hi, So this this has been an issue for as long as I can remember, even back to when I was a kid. I am unfortunately a very light sleeper and I wake up to the slightest of movement, noise, touch or even changes in lighting. When I am awakened in this manner, for a split second I wake up violently, such as swinging at or grabbing a person if I'm touched, luckily for the most part I quickly realize the situation and am able to stop myself in most cases. Some examples are when I was a kid and my mother would try to wake me, just her touching my bed would casue an reaction. Now here in my adult life, I work as a firefighter and one of the guys got up in the middle of the night and pulled the pull string on the ceiling fan at the foot of my bed to shut it off, all it was, was the slight clicking sound to wake me up and I was flying out of the bed first raised. Another example, which is the last I'll mention was while I was asleep one night at the fire house, the light was on in the bunk room and of course doing what firefighters do they were going pull a prank on me. Before anyone even touched me I was awoken and grabbed one of them by the neck. The only thing we could contribute was that a shadow was cast over my eyes, and caused me to wake.. One thing I have always noticed is that in not just noises that cause it, as I love to sleep with fans running and other noises or things that are going on when I go to sleep don't bother me, it's new things or changes that wake me. So I'm wondering if I am not getting in to the correct type of sleep? Or if its something else altogether..

    Thanks for your time.