• 6 months ago

    Cannot sleep for more than two hours at a time

    I have sleep apnea and use a machine plus I take mirtazapine 45mg

    I am always tired and can go to sleep easily but no matter how tired I might be I ALWAYS wake up two hours later

    I began taking mirtazapine 15mg and that helped briefly...I could sleep almost six hours at a time...this lasted about a week

    My doctor upped the dosage to 30mg...this increased my sleep for a short while but it kept getting shorter as time went on

    Currently I'm on 45mg and only take it 2-3 times a week to avoid my body getting used to the drug and not working

    This allows me to get about three hours of sleep at a time but it's getting shorter again

    I have another appointment with my doctor at the end of this month to possibly try something else

    I am VERY desperate at this point...sleeping just two hours at a time is affecting my mental health severely

    I am always tired but no matter how tired(I have taken caffeine tablets to stay awake for 40 hours)...I still woke up two hours later

    I can NOT go back to two hours of sleep at a time again...it affects my mind in ways I will not go into here but I am VERY serious when I say I will do ANYTHING to avoid enduring that again

    BTW I have tried melatonin just as I go to bed thinking it takes a couple of hours to kick in and maybe by the time it starts to work whatever is making me wake up will be controlled a bit...it is no help

    BTW2 I had been prescribed a different antidepressant earlier but I suffered from practically every side effect they warn about when taking it...this drug does work for a time but as my body gets used to it it's efficacy declines until I get no results at all

    My doctor has told me the max safe dosage of mirtazapine is 60mg daily so I am going to try that a couple of times a week to make it to my appointment later this month

    I'm back at two hours of sleep again and I HAVE to try this in hope it will work at least a little while

    Do anyone here have an alternative for me?