• 1 month ago

    What’s wrong with me??

    Okay i never do this but it’s literally becoming unbearable to not know what’s wrong with me. So, ever since i was literally 8 i’ve been thinking that i have sleep paralysis, key word thinking. My earliest memory is when i was 8 and i was sleeping in the car and i remember not being able to move or breathe, and i didn’t even know what SP was at that time. For the first remainder of my life, not breathing was always associated with it, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, i know for a fact that it can’t be sleep paralysis now because i notice when it happens, i can move a little bit, but barely, almost like i’m jolting around trying to move tirelessly, and sometimes i can even jolt myself out of bed when it happens, but i wake up and i’m in bed?? and sometimes wearing different clothes from when i had the “sleep paralysis”. but it feels so real every time and i try to remind myself every time that it isn’t real and try it jolt myself up but it doesn’t work. So it’s obvious that i’m dreaming of having sleep paralysis, but why? this is the most likely answer, but why have i been having that same type of dream ever since i was little? and why does it happen literally all of the time? it happens at LEAST twice a week lately and right when i fall asleep, which is also unusual bc you don’t usually dream until 90 minutes after falling asleep. Also every time it happens and i wake up, i try to go back to sleep and it happens again, and this cycle occurs at least three times. I would appreciate any help in trying to understand why this happens or if it’s related to some type of disorder, thanks!


  • 1 month ago

    RE: What’s wrong with me??

    What's wrong? Nothing, unless this causes unrefreshing sleep. If you have enough energy to get through the day, aren't overly fatigued, mood is normal, all of that suggests your sleep is OK and you can let go the worry.

    'Sleep paralysis' is actually something we all experience to some extent, every night too, during the REM dream stage. It's considered harmless, and actually necessary to keep us from acting out our dreams. Not having the paralysis would be more of a concern.

    If you were to completely let go the worry about this and still be just fine, that should tell you something. But if you are concerned, then see a doc to either treat or rule out an underlying medical issue.