• 7 months ago


    I have used CPAP for about 10 years with no ill effects. Recently lost 50lbs now I have noticed that I have severe gas in the morning which is no big deal but now I’ve noticed that I get lightheaded spells, last about 5 mins. I feel faint about once a day. Went to the Emergency room had every test, MRI, blood tests, cardiac stress test. Followed up with ENT all tests came up fine. I’m not a doctor but I have a feeling my CPAP is set too high since I have lost weight. I’m going to my sleep DR next week to see what is going on, if anything with my machine. I’m going to stop using my machine a couple of nights to see any changes. I have used my machine religiously. Anybody else have a similar issue/story?? I’m at my wits end. Thank you!