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    Unrefreshing sleep and tired all day long

    I'm 36 years old. Not a typical sleep apnea candidate. 5'8, 155 pounds and quite in shape/muscular. Only a 15" neck size. Possibly a larger tongue than normal. Since I was in my early teenage years (possibly even before), I've felt exhausted every day no matter how much I slept. Later elementary school and high school was awful for me. I have days when I feel so tired that it seems hard to focus enough to say my words without slurring them or speaking with a lisp. I have never been able to focus enough mentally to feel that I can drive safely, so I haven't. I wake up some mornings with very deep tooth impressions on the sides and top edge of my tongue. I've had all sorts of blood tests and medical checks, including thyroid. All were fine. I had an in-lab sleep study. They noted a 4.7AHI and an 18.1RDI with 50 unclassified breathing events. My SPO2 levels were said to not drop like someone with sleep apnea, yet the sleep doctor said that my scalloped tongue is a classic sign of sleep apnea. I only slept a total of 2.75 hours for the entire night of the study. I had a brain MRI, which showed nothing usual. My ENT doctor requested a CT scan of my sinuses and noted a deviated septum right right-sided spurring and enlarged turbinates. I had surgery for both of those (successful) in July 2018. Still have awful sleep issues. I get 10-12 hours of sleep and wake up feeling like I've had 4-5 with no energy. The sleep doctor said I don't have sleep apnea because I'm 0.3 away from the 5.0 AHI required to officially diagnose sleep apnea. I have wondered if I have UARS or some other sleep condition. I'm waiting on the results to come back from my home sleep study that I requested for myself (didn't need a doctor to schedule it) because I felt like the sleep lab was incompetent in diagnosing me. My sleep efficiency in the in-lab study was noted at 40%. Over the 2.75 hours that I slept for the whole night of the study, I got like 44 minutes of N1 sleep, 86.5 minutes of N2 sleep, 28.5 minutes of N3 sleep and 7.5 minutes of R sleep. I woke up one night a few weeks ago and let out a big gasp for air and my entire body felt tingly all over, but that has only happened one time (that I am aware of, but could be happening more). What else could be causing me to feel so awful? If I sit in my computer chair at home, I'm prone to falling asleep. I also drift while on a city bus or as a passenger in a car. Fortunately, my job is standing up and moving around all day. The sleep doctor told me, "If you had a desk job, you'd be falling asleep" but they won't help me get CPAP to try.


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    RE: Unrefreshing sleep and tired all day long

    Given your history, your best answer will come from a doc who examines you and knows your complete med history. If you're not satisfied with the answers you're getting now, consider asking for a referral to another MD who specializes in sleep. Look for AASM board certification, and possibly consider seeing someone at a teaching hospital. Good luck.