• 7 months ago

    Too deep a sleep...

    Hi there, I am a female, in my mid-sixties. On an average, say a couple times a month, I fall into what seems like an extremely deep sleep level from which I have a very hard time "coming to" in the morning. I am a self-professed "night owl", going to bed between 12-2am. I generally sleep well, awakening to use the bathroom twice during the night. When I fall into these very deep sleeps, it's usually in the early am, say around 6-7 am. I am always having intense dreams during these times. I awaken totally exhausted after these episodes; more tired than I was going to bed the night before! I am usually headachy, too. I am on quite a few medications. I also have had two sleep studies, which were negative for any sleep disturbance, like sleep apnea. Any idea's out there of what may be going on? Thanks!


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Too deep a sleep...

    Given your description, this is a question best answered by your doctor. That said, to me this sounds like a circadian issue. Possibly you are either oversleeping or awakening into an NREM stage, which can lead to the kind of sleep inertia issues you describe.

    You might try setting and keeping a very consistent sleep-wake schedule to see if the issue recurs.
      • 7 months ago
        Thanks, Morpheus 15. I have to say, it scares me when it happens, because it feels like such a deep sleep I'm afraid that I might not wake up next time! Even though I've had the sleep studies done, I'm not altogether sure that I don't have some degree of sleep apnea. I am very aware that my soft palate relaxes and can obstruct my breathing, even when I'm awake sometimes. Of course, if I'm awake, I can cough or whatever and correct the issue! Perhaps, I'm overthinking this...