• 8 days ago

    RE: I need to know what to do

    Start with trying to get some rest. Don't worry about sleep. Just relax, close your eyes and accept rest for now.

    If you feel like a danger to yourself or others, get help however you can. Call 911 if necessary. Help is there.

    If you haven't seen your doc, get a checkup. Either treat or rule out an underlying medical issue. Your doc will be able to advise you on next steps.
  • 7 days ago

    RE: I need to know what to do

    go to the emergency room. tell them this, they can give you something to calm you and make you sleep. please make an appointment with a doctor. this is dangerous for you. once you get some rest which is an immediate need, then look at causes like stress, etc. try to do deep breathing while you lay in bed--podcasts that focus on meditations, stress, tranquility, etc, are free and you can listen to them in bed.