• 5 months ago

    Sleep apnea and minor surgery. Terrified!

    On Tuesday I am having a tubal ligation. First surgery since I was 4yo and I'm now 43. never had children (unexplained infertility) I've read that general anesthetia is riskier for people with sleep apnea. I have sever apnea and I do use a CPAP machine at home and have been advised to bring it with me. I'm petrified of something going wrong and dying on the table. Anyone else have sleep apnea and had successful minor surgery?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Sleep apnea and minor surgery. Terrified!

    I am 70 years old and I have been using CPAP machines for at least 14 years. I have had surgery on my heart, my neck, and I have had both knees replaced with artificial joints in that time. I have had no problems with anesthesia and recovered easily from all surgeries. I brought my CPAP to the hospital with me each time. The hospital has always sent someone from the respiratory therapy to check the machine over to make sure it is clean, has all its parts and is otherwise safe to use. There was no problem bringing it with.
    Let your doctors including the surgeon and the anesthesiologist know you have severe apnea and they will be ready. They will probably be able to tell you more to relieve your concerns. Personally, I have never known apnea to be an issue in surgery, at least no one said anything to me before all the above surgeries and I certainly had no adverse effects because of it.
    I am not a doctor and can only relate my own experiences, but I know other people with apena who have also undergone surgery with little difficulty. So thumbs up from here!
    I hope this helps a bit and wishing you good luck with the surgery. Hope you feel better.