• 29 days ago

    sleep apnea

    I am a male with an age 37. Few years back i have diagnosed with sleep apnea. I supposed to use CPAP. Since few days only i am using CPAP machine. i heard it will take some time to work on apnea symptoms.
    Unfortunately, i have several symptoms and i just want to have a clarity about the symptoms that i have, if those are coming from sleep apnea or from any other medical condition.

    1. Extremely tiredness, Fatigue all the time, since more than a year.
    2.Pins and needles sensation on the head
    3.sometimes involuntary muscle twitching (mostly on thigh region)
    4. Extreme weakness even though after eating.
    5.Fingers shakiness (when i keep my mobile on my palm it will be shaking also)
    6. My hair became extremely thin and since past few days my hair is falling very easily (whole body)
    7. I have joint pains as well
    8. Recently I have diagnosed with D vitamin deficiency and I have taken 60000 units, once per week. I have taken it for 3 weeks. Since I am getting itchiness on palms and feet, I stopped taking it. It has been almost a month that I have stopped D vit supplement, but till now I get itchiness on palms and feet every day and surprisingly itchiness starts at 3 in the evening and goes away till night.

    Can some one please let me know what are the above symptoms mean.


  • 27 days ago

    RE: sleep apnea

    Did the doctor check your thyroid?
  • 27 days ago

    RE: sleep apnea

    Your best answer, given your description, will come from a medical professional who examines you and knows your complete medical history. There is no substitute on the internet for that.
      • 26 days ago
        I also have sleep apnea and some of those symptoms can come from the effects of apnea and will resolve themselves over time but I have to agree that you can't self-diagnose and you should seek a professional examination for your health issues. Frequently apnea can either be combined with other conditions or mask other conditions and you need to get them all treated in order to improve your health.